Web Developer - Cloud Engineer

Mohammad Hashtari

About Me

Passionate and skilled Cloud Technician and System Administrator with a track record in web development and networking.

Programming Skills

Administration Skills

Work Experience

Internship at Matrix Paradigm
Website development and hosting.

Network Assistant at Rawat Ebdaa
Customizing and running warehouse management system. Hardware installation. Fleet management system. Maintaining the servers. Hardware maintenance. Reporting the development and implementation.

Network Manager at Rawat Ebdaa
Managing the software development team. Documenting the client's network infrastructure. Developing attendance and payroll software with integrated biometric devices. Integrating smart glasses into the warehouse management system. External communication with clients and providers. Research and development.


Algonquin College
Computer System Technician

Laval University
Computer Science

Coventry University
MBA Master of Global Business Administration

Wollongong University
Bachelor of Information Technology

INTI College
Diploma E-commerce

About this page:

This website was developed on a VMWare machine on a local network using the CentOS7 operating system. Upon accomplishment, the webpages and the layouts were tested and the Apache server was migrated to the Google Cloud for public demonstration purposes. The web server is configured with the security aspect considered. The ports and firewall configurations are set according to the Apache, and Red Hat configurations.